As you may know, 16 days ago, the Finnish company Jolla announced its plans to launch the Jolla Tablet, a device that comes with Sailfish OS and high-end specs. In order to get started, Jolla asked for consumer help through the Indiegogo funding platform, with an initial goal of raising $380.000.

Screenshot (1413)

After the first 2.000 tablets were sold in just a couple of hours, Jolla posted an update later regarding some stretch goals. Among them we have the one that says that when $1.5 million is raised, Jolla will introduce microSDHC support up to 128 GB on the tablet. As the things looks today, it seems that this goal is almost achieved.


However, there’s still 5 days left for Jolla to raise more money, and if the donations pass $1.75 million we’ll get a split-screen feature on the tablet, and in the case that the total amount of donations reach $2.5 million, Jolla will offer 3.5G connectivity. Will Jolla succeed with these goals? Only time will tell.