If you think that waiting for OS X elements to come to the iPad is taking too long, you may go ahead and try some other solutions. For example jailbreakers who use an iPad now have a special option called OS Experience, that’s available on Cydia.


This allows a jailbroken iPad to manage up to 5 desktops in the same way that you manage them in OS X. Apps can be “snapped” to a side of the screen, as shown in the screenshots here. OS Experience is very much about gestures, including reordering and dragging apps in and out of the desktops. Most of the gestures are also pretty intuitive, I have to say. Swiping up with four fingers brings up the Mission Control interface, that has been well imitated.


You can also do a 4 finger pinch of the screen to reveal your homescreen, that now has a blurred background and works more like Launchpad in OS X. People who tried this on the iPad Air had no problems with lag or glitches, so it works just fine, even if you use multiple apps at once. Live previews of app worked perfectly, so the A7 chip is truly powerful. Expect Apple to offer this as a standard in future iOSes…

By the way this software goes for $9.99 in Cydia.