While this may as well be a left over leaked picture of the iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2 from before their launch, we could also be dealing with the iPad Mini 3. Shown below, the device packs a shiny ring around the Home button, just like the iPhone 5s.


Supposedly this is an iPad Mini 3 prototype, shown in white. We could also be dealing with the typical Chinese clone of an Apple tablet and the metal ring may just be for the sake of design. Seeing how hacked and modded Touch ID has been so far, maybe the device makers will find a way to replicate this authentication method, without the extra security from Apple.

Notice how the circle is slightly golden in the picture, making us believe that maybe there’s a golden tint awaiting for the iPad case as well. By the way, since the iPad Mini 3 gets this treatment, I expect the iPad 6 to also get a Touch ID sensor. Once again, take this with a grain of salt, but expect it to materialize next year.