The iPotty was one of the craziest products shown at CES 2013, even crazier than some quad core handsets. Now toddlers are thought how to operate a tablet while they’re learning the ways of the toilet. There are even apps to help with toilet training and after the little one has ahead of him hours and hours of playing Angry Birds on the toilet as an adult…

Gadget Show iPotty

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids avoid being exposed to screens before the age of 2 and that they limited the screen exposure to only a couple of hours per day after that age. We are facing busy parents who leave a tablet at hand and with the interactive kids books all over the place now, the little ones are all the more tempted to glance at screens.

iPotty comes from CTA Digital and it allows parents to attach an iPad to it. The product goes on sale in March courtesy of, which is the first retailer to move the product. With the “i” in the name, I can’t help but think Apple is behind it. The product’s price is $39.99 and there are even apps that reward toddlers for completing the “task”.