AMD wants a piece of the tablet pie and they’ll enter this segment through the Fusion APU (accelerated processing unit), according to John Taylor director of client product and software marketing. Rumors claimed that AMD was going to rely on licensed ARM chipsets for this descent onto the tablet world, but it seems the solution will be in-house development.

A licensing deal between AMD and ARM isn’t impossible, with many rumors about it appearing on the web in the last week, but for now the former company wants to keep its independence and rely on the x86 technology. The inspiration might have come from Intel, who recently announced the Atom X670 Oak Trail chipset, managing to keep its distance from ARM as well.

Meanwhile, great names such as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA have used ARM chips for their products, so the company is gaining more and more popularity. There’s an AMD summit scheduled for Juune 13 – 16, that will prove to be very interesting in this new context.