While everybody is discussing the iPad Mini or iPhone 5, it’s an accessory that might bring some novelty to the Apple product lineup. A new patent filed by Apple reveals the potential to include a display on the iPad’s Smart Cover. The application was filed in August 2011 and made public this week.

It describes “thin flexible display technology”, but you shouldn’t get excited, since Apple also patented a Glasses technology, so they will take their time till they launch it. The secondary display detailed here is believed to greatly enhanced the overall tablet functionality. Imagine seeing notifications without opening the Smart Cover or simply turning your iPad into a dual display affair with the main display on one side and the Smart Cover display on the other.

A good idea would be using some form of E-Ink or other low power technology to keep the Smart Cover display going for a long time. A virtual keyboard and application icons should also be displayed. Will it ever become real? What other implementations can you imagine?