And here’s yet another tablet out there made by Lenovo, that seems to be making quite a lot of those recently. After a Windows 8 model popped up recently and the S2110 got unboxed officially, now here comes the Lenovo Smart Tab II, at the FCC, ready to debut on Vodafone.

The device got certified for WiFi and Bluetooth usage, as well as 3G bands II and V. FCC filings show that the Smart Tab II will be launched on Vodafone and if you look at the label images of the device, you can see that large Vodafone logo on the device’s back. FCC filings show that the Smart Tab II will have a 10 inch display and the internal pics of the device unveil memory chips from Elpida and Samsung.

There’s also a power management processor from Qualcomm in the mix, while the device’s CPU is not shown in these internal photos. A Qualcomm power management processor being included here tells us that the device may rely on a Qualcomm main processor as well, maybe even that Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 in quad core flavour that appeared in benchmarks recently.