Dreaming of a Halloween costume that involves a hole in the middle of your gut? Well, there’s no pain involved in the project below, that requires two iPads and a bit of basic skill for connecting devices. This Halloween you can use two iPad 2 units, connected via FaceTime and displaying what’s behind you.

Mark Rober, a NASA engineer is the creator of this concept of Halloween costume, 2011 edition. The  red stuff on the shirt is sauce, in case you’re wondering and in case there’s not enough WiFi to go around, Mark suggests wearing a WiFi hotspot in your pocket. The problem here is that while funny and quirky, this idea might endanger the tablets.

Imagine one of them or both slipping and falling on the floor. Plus, since this is a holiday, people tend to do crazy things after a beer or two, so they might trip, fall and break the iPads… Let’s hope not!