Apple didn’t bother till now to deny the existence of the 7 inch iPad Mini, but also they didn’t confirm it… till today. As usual for the past weeks, the leak comes courtesy of the Apple versus Samsung lawsuit. Apple executives were apparently discussing a smaller iPad, shows an email thread that just leaked online.

The evidence came out during a cross examination of Scott Forstall, Apple’s chief of iOS software. It’s strange to see Apple officials talking about 7 inch tablets, knowing that Steve Jobs hated the format and only considered it useful for a bathroom experience, so to say. The novelty here is the email exchange between Eddy Cue, head of Apple’s Internet software and services and top executives regarding a GigaOm article about dumping the iPad for a smaller tablet.

That smaller tablet was the 7 inch Galaxy Tab and Cupertino officials expressed their concern about this becoming a possible trend. Among the things the Apple officials discussed is the fact that emails, books, Facebook and video are compelling on a 7 inch display, while the web browsing…. well, not so much. In case you’re wondering why this came up in court, this goes to show that Apple actually uses Samsung’s products and learns from them in order to compete with them. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?