German retail chain Media Markt pulled off a major leak, when they published a list of prices for various iPad Mini versions. This is a ghost device, that hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone launched. As you can see, prices start at 249 euros, for the 8 GB WiFi version and go to 349 euros for the 8 GB WiFi and UMTS version.

Then you add an extra 100 euros for each doubled storage capacity, to 16, 32 and 64 GB. No trace of LTE here sadly and apparently you can only reached a max of 649 euros for an iPad Mini 64 GB WiFi and UMTS. If an 8 GB version exists, it’s pretty clear that Apple is challenging the Nexus 7 to a duel, but they also bring an increased diagonal and back camera to the battle, if the recent leaks are real. We also expect better battery life and maybe some cool unique apps to set it apart from the standard iPad.

The lack of LTE makes me think that either the retailer didn’t have the info on it, or Apple will choose not to offer this option, to keep the prices lower. Obviously, you should take the leak with a grain of salt, since we’ve only got a small table with details here and that’s it. And let me remind you that Apple have a mystery event scheduled for October 23rd, according to Reuters.