It would most certainly look like Apple s getting ready to try and mend all the mistakes that it had to face last year when its own Maps solution was first introduced. This will not be easy and it will require some investment from Apple’s part but it can be done.


Last year Apple decided to further strengthen its autonomy in the mobile business and decided it should renounce Google Maps in favor of its own brewed solution. Even before the implementation was actually introduced the users caused a real fiasco with the fact that what Google was offering was up to the task and brought by years of effort.

The latest move that Apple decided to invest it is a two year old indoor navigation company that allows apps to determine the user’s location in a building, based on Wi-Fi signals. The acquisition of WiFiSLAM – Silicon Valley based company was priced at $20 million and no further comment was made on the subject. It is expected that Apple will announce a further improved Maps solution as soon as this year.