The tablet market has been evolving a lot over the past years, with the Apple iPad at its top, but other device makers haven’t taken a break just yet, so the likes of Samsung are growing each year. It appears now that while the iPad dominates the North American web usage, Samsung has gained on its rival.


The info comes from stats firm Chitika, who says that Sammy has 8.3% of the tablet web traffic, much less than Apple’s 77.2%. However, the iPad’s share is declining a bit year on year, so for example in Q2 last year it was 81.3%. Samsung almost doubled its share, from 4.7% in Q2 2013 to the actual 8.3% in Q2 2014.

The research firm has used tens of millions of US and Canadian tablets for its study, based on ads served through its network. The introduction of the new Samsung tablets in the quarter is said to be the cause of the increase. Amazon’s share has meanwhile dropped, while Microsoft and Google registered progress.