After Macrumors put the iPad 3 display under a microscope and confirmed the Retina Display technology behind it, the panel in question reached the guys of iFixit. These folks are famous for dissecting the likes of the iPad, iPod and iPhone and repairing them. Now let’s see what the experts had to say, through the voice of a cute girl.

The new display has a different connector than the iPad 2, so iFixit wasn’t able to connect it to a power source and juice it up. iFixit also tried to map the pins of the two displays for a makeshift arrangement between the iPad 2 and 3, but failed at that too. However, the tests that followed proved that the resolution truly is 2048 x 1536, so double the one on the iPad 2, making the slate even more appealing. Other improvements should happen in the camera area, with a 5 or 8 megapixel sensor available, plus a new (maybe quad core CPU) and LTE.

The iPad 3 is rumored to debut on March 7th, so we’re less than 2 weeks away from is unveiling. Excited about the first Retina Display tablet? And what will Apple brag about when Samsung launches that 2500 x 1600 tablet?