The Apple iPad Air 4 was unveiled last month and as usual Apple was skimpy on details regarding the RAM, CPU frequency and battery miliamperes. However, we’ve got benchmarks to show us extra details. The slate was recently passed through GeekBench, revealing it has 4 GB of RAM. More details are below.

The iPad Air 4 was tested with GeekBench 5, revealing it has 4 GB of RAM, which is 1 GB more than the predecessor. At the same time the 2020 iPad Pro models offer up to 6 GB of RAM. The scores are 1583 in the Single Core test and 4198 in the Multi Core test. This does indeed confirm a 40% performance bump from the previous model. It’s actually 42% for the Single Core test and 48% for the Multi Core one. The Apple A14 5 nm CPU debuted with the iPad Air 4 and will also make it on the iPhone 12 series.

It’s a six core affair with a base clock speed of 2.99 HZ. Apple has yet to launch the slate in stores, but we do have all the details about it. iPad Air 4 starts at $599 for the WiFi version and $729 for the 4G version. It also provides a 12 MP 4K 60 PFS cam, plus a 7 MP selfie camera. A novelty is the top Power bottom with Touch ID integrated. We’ve also got WiFi 6, plus dual speakers, Apple Pencil support and a Magic Keyboard accessory. The product has a very slim case and inaugurates the USB-C port on an iPad Air.