A recent study from Context Information Security reveals that the BlackBerry Tablet and the iPad are considered the most secure devices for enterprise BYOD users. BYOD equals “bring your own device” and this is an approach that many corporations are taking right now, with employees using their own gadgets at work.

The PlayBook is deemed as the safest tablet for such purposes and it’s very appreciated for the fact it can separate work and personal stuff in such a great manner. The iPad is also appreciated, while the Galaxy Tab was criticized for serious security issues. The study we mention here involved these 3 tablets: WiFi only iPad, a PlayBook and WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

All of them offer reasonably good support for Exchange ActiveSync, that allows for core security features to be managed by a central Exchange server. The Apple and Samsung devices were found to lack basic enterprise management tools, so only a a bunch of tablets can be managed at once. As far as backup and sync go, the PlayBook and iPad are the best and also the best in data protection and damage limitation, according to Context. iOS is still considered a bit vulnerable, becuase of jailbreaks and no disk encryption, with iTunes saving backup files in clear text.