The latest rumors from Apple-ville claim that this Spring’s event won’t pan out as expected. Last we heard, the Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6c were coming during that conference, but now the Apple Watch 2 has been delayed and the iPad Air 3 takes its place.


The new iPad Air is said to come during an Apple event that will take place on March 14th, together with the new 4 inch iPhone, 2016 edition. While the Apple Watch 2 has been pushed to a fall release, the iPad Air 3 is honestly something we were expecting. Traditionally, the first iPad models also came during the Spring and the only reason we get fall releases is Apple’s attempt at appeasing people disappointed with the iPad 3, by quickly launching the iPad 4.

Anyway, there aren’t any clear rumors about the new slate, but we can speculate on it. I’m guessing a new and more powerful CPU will be inside, plus more RAM and possibly the same set of speakers from the iPad Pro may make the cut. Apple could finally increase the resolution of the tablet, since it’s been many years with the same res and the camera may also get a bump up.