We’ve been talking about the iPad 5 and the ways it will resemble the iPad Mini for half a year now and today we get a brand new leak to reinforce that idea. The fifth gen iPad is expected to look like the model in the schematics below.


The new machine is supposed to take on some of the characteristics of the iPad Mini, as far as looks go. The newcomer will be less tall and wide than the iPad 4 and it will be about 3/4 of its thickness. The same source with the schematics claims that the iPad 5 has a thickness of 7.9 mm and measures 232 mm in length.

The released time of the new iPad is pegged sometime between mid September and the end of October, if everything goes well. We’ll also get new iPod Touch releases around the same time. By the way, this leak does look a lot like some of the previous ones, showing an iPad 5 with iPad Mini style corners and bezels.