We’ve seen leaks of iPad 5 sketches, iPhone 5S components and other similar stuff, but the Home button has been left untouched till now. However, today we get a glimpse of a brand new design approach, that involves a Home button with the Apple logo on top.


While this approach has been reserved to the iPhone 5S, it’s not unlikely we’ll see it on the iPad at some point. Interestingly enough, the logo seems transparent, leaving room for speculations regarding a possible fingerprint sensor implemented within it. The speculations about a sensor of this kind have been looming for about 2 years, so it’s likely we may get that innovation in the future.

It would be redundant to have the Apple logo shown at the front and back, so if the Home button shows it, I guess that the back of the case won’t. Some have even speculated that we are moving away from the Home button totally, replacing it with a sensor area/touchpad. Would like an iPad or iPhone like this?