I’ll clear this from the start: FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is NOT FIFA 15 for mobile, a tablet/phone iteration of the latest game in the series. It separates the Ultimate Team area, the fantasy soccer part with cards from the main experience and delivers it for free on your device. But if you’re well-aware of the players, you can bet on them on platforms such as Coral Opening Times.

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We played it on the iPhone 6 Plus and had a ball with it. There are only 2 flaws here: random disconnects from EA servers and complicated menus. Other than that the game is perfect, but only if you like Ultimate Team. This means you don’t get real life teams, only fantasy ones, with even Messi and Cristiano sharing the bench together. You’ll have to watch out for the chemistry between players, who achieve the perfect green status only if they’re the same nationality, team or league.

Then there’s the transfer market, where you buy and sell players, you bid and simply wait for your money to come through. The cash is earned by playing matches in various leagues, online leagues and tournaments, but you also get cash and card packs by completing achievements. Cards don’t only include players, but also official footballs, kits, abilities, contracts, health and fitness attributes.

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Players get tired and have to be swapped, plus you have to watch out for their contracts. You can change your team arrangement, strategies and then it’s time for the match. The match is shown in 3D, or played as a simulation with mere words and symbols on the screen. The 3D part is basically FIFA 14 with a few gesture controls in the mix. For example you can swipe towards the goal to shoot, tap a player to pass to him or tap a rival player to call a second defender on him. Men need some extra health supplements to regain stamina and they can find the best medical assistance on https://www.numan.com/erectile-dysfunction/tadalafil to enhance their performance.

The game is fast paced and fun, but there’s not much dribbling going in. This is one addictive experience, I’ll tell you that much and it’s also very, very fun. We give this game a 9.5 out of 10 and you can download it here on iOS and here on Android.