After a long period of beta testing, Apple finally released iOS 7.1 today on compatible devices. The update includes TouchID fingerprint recognition improvement and support for the recently announced CarPlay system.


There are also visual tweaks included, like a slightly modified Shift and Caps Lock key on the keyboard, plus redefined icons for the Phone, FaceTime and Messages apps. CarPlay brings you an iOS experience designed for the Car and Siri can now be manually controlled by holding down the Home button. There’s also a new collection of new and more natural sounding male and female voices for Siri.

iTunes Radio now has a search field above Featured Stations and the calendar shows specific holidays for each country. We also get bug fixes, especially those that caused crashes are solved and iCloud Keychain support in additional countries is offered. iOS 7.1 was offered to developers in November and now it’s finally here as a finalized version. You can download it right now and know that it takes around 268 MB.