Samsung patented a new type of design meant for a hybrid between a notebook and tablet, but didn’t mention any OS for this device. Their invention stands out through the hinge especially and it sounds like the South Koreans are ready to give Lenovo and their original ideas a run for their money.


This notebook style device seems to start off where the ATIV Tab design left off and it’s shown in sketches with two different modes of separating the display from the keyboard. That’s done so the users will be able to use it as a standalone tablet. One of the designs involves a creative housing that stores Samsung’s digital pen in the hinge.

Keep in mind that the hybrid may come with Android, Windows, Tizen or even Chrome, so we don’t know anything about it. What we do know is that Chromebooks are growing and that they already hold about 9.6% of the market share in the US market, versus 34.1% for Windows. What do you make of this design? Lenovo Yoga or ASUS Transformer rival?