You probably thought that Acer was the only company out there with a sub 10 inch Windows 8 tablet. Turns out we’ve got one more and it’s called Inventec. It’s important to mention that Inventec doesn’t sell products under its own brand, but rather it lets others apply the branding.


The tablet you see here is the 7 inch Inventec Lyon model, that’s demoed below. This product relies on an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor and it uses a 7 inch 1280 x 800 IPS panel. The device runs Windows 8, but it will probably ship with version 8.1 of the software. Also on board of the prototype we find 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (SSD), while an 128 GB model is also in the making.


This product also has front and rear cameras, a microSD card slot, microUSB port and micro HDMI port too, plus audio jack. The text and graphics look a bit tiny on the display, especially if you venture in desktop mode, but other than that the experience is OK. Is this the start of a new tablet segment or just an attempt?