Wind is one of the device manufacturers that has a solid histtory in regards to the creation of Android tablets. One of the latest such devices, going for the over 11-inches size range category has been analysed in detail by website with mostly favorable results.


The Wind FINE11 tablet is immediately noticeable due to the large 11.6, 1366 × 768 wide display that offers good image quality. It is a display that stands out mostly when playing videos but also for watching movies or playing games. The design of it is not particularly spectacular, made out of durable plastic and with a metal back. Given the very large display and thick edges, the tablet is still good to hold even when controlling characters in games.


The FINE11 comes in a quad-core hardware configuration, based on the Rockchip RK3188 Cortex A9 and with the Mali 400 MP4 graphics. It offers 2 GB of RAM and should provide well above average performance including in the latest 3D titles. Testing Modern Warfare 4 on the device has proven a fluent experience and accurate responsiveness of the controls. Other titles that should run fine on it are Need for Drift and Iron Man 3.  As far as the storage is concerned, the tablet comes with 32 GB of space. Pricing hasn’t been mentioned by the reviewers, though we expect it will come with a mid-range tag.