Intel’s new generation of Haswell processors sound excellent for the future of mobile computing, especially since they solve the only 2 issues that interest us when it comes for portables: power and battery life. The new generation of Haswell brings huge gains in battery life and power efficiency.


Intel recently announced a limited edition of the new chip that could fit on “extremely thin devices”, that may not even need a fan to cool them. The new chip runs at just 4.5 Watts and Intel is no stranger to such performances, since they famously brought down the Ivy Bridge to the 10 watt thermal range.

They also clam they’ve been able to take the new Haswell silicon down to 6 watts from its launch. Imagine a thinner Microsoft Surface Tablet, with less power draw, but still enough power to run Windows 8 properly… It’s usually the Atom series that handles the low power usage, but the main series like Haswell and Ivy Bridge are also going with that now.