After IFA 2013 there’s another show taking place over the past week: IDF 2013. This is an Intel event and as usual, it includes crazy customizations and funky experiments. The most interesting one was a wine-powered processor, that’s detailed below.


It appears that a low powered processor and accelerometer can be powered by as little as a glass of wine. The wine glass had two electrodes that reacted with the acetic acid in the red wine. That produced a bit of current, enough to power the chip. We’ve seen kids making potato batteries for years in a similar fashion.


Another tech demoed at IDF 2013 was the concept of getting rid of passwords through a special voice recognition system. This system recognizes the sound of its owner from voiceprints read into the device. This feels a bit dated in a world where we’ve hard face unlocking for many months now on Android. The wine thing, however sounds very good…