The Alliance of Wireless Power aka the A4WP now has Intel as one of its partners and members, following other big names like Qualcomm, Samsung and IDT, plus Broadcom. The purpose of this joint entity is to promote and help evolve the wireless charging standards and technologies.


There are over 40 firms that make up this association, that aims at putting an end to wired power transfer. The consortium wants to create a wireless power transfer ecosystem, one that will free us from wireless, certain industrial design impediments and problems associated to charging devices on the go. Back in January, the association released wireless charging specifications based on near field magnetic resonance technology, allowing consumers to power devices without direct need of contact.

One of the objectives of Intel in this field is helping with the integration of Wireless Charging Technology, that will allow users to charge their tablet or phone just by placing it near a laptop, for example. Samsung is already part of a bunch of such organizations and they’re at the forefront of the development of wire free charging, so the standardization of this tech is near.