US passengers will be allowed to use gadgets in flight under certain rules, while the present regulation will be more relaxed in the future. A draft report from the US regulator, the FAA mentions these changes and it appears passengers may be allowed to use electronic gadgets during takeoff and landing soon enough.


You probably know that you have to turn off your device as the plane takes off or lands, but that’s going to change in the future. The FAA will also relax the ban on some types of devices at low altitudes, under certain regulations of course. Cellphone calls will still remain off limits, but tablets and such are safe, I guess.

Details are still being debated in the FAA and they could change till the motion is passed. These regulations have been in place since the 1960s and technology has changed a great deal since then and so has the public and its demands. If you ask me, I see no harm in stopping your handset or tablet for mere minutes, but technology addicts may suffer withdrawal in that short amount of time…