In exactly a month from now Windows 8 will go live with a slew of new tablets, signaling a new era of modern computing. Intel CEO Paul Otellini spoiled the fun through a statement to his fellow employees, that said Windows 8 is being released before it’s actually ready, to the masses. Otellini said that improvements are necessary and that bugs are still present.

Intel has been working very closely with MS on the Windows 8 development, so Otellini is the man to tell you if something’s wrong or not, that’s for sure. We’re actually not sure what’s wrong with the platform, but we’ve seen platforms with problems launched before. Just look at some of the Android updates on some tablets, especially in the early Honeycomb era… There were a lots of bugs to fix and updates clear them all. Bug fixes will obviously come through the Windows Update service and maybe Service Packs will take care of the more major stuff, just like on Win XP and Win 7.

It’s funny that so many people played around with Windows 8 Preview and I can’t remember any of them saying something’s wrong. Maybe it’s something related to the Windows 8 functioning on Intel versus the one on ARM? Otherwise I can’t see why the boss of Intel would be so doubtful about a new product like this…

  • Xabier Granja

    Every OS releases with thousands of bugs. This is normal. An OS can never be perfect at the moment of release, it’s simply good enough to be considered stable, fast and secure. Subsequent patches fix the remaining bugs, but no OS is ever bug-free. After 10 years, even XP or OS X aren’t bug free yet.

  • 1stkorean

    Somehow I do not see this as news worthy. As Xabier Granja below stated they all are released with bugs in them that might just be why all OS’s have an update mechanism in them.