It was about time that Intel started talking about its Haswell chips, the following generation of Core models. This is the 4th gen Core CPU that sports the brand new Iris graphics system, that’s detailed below.


The new chip will reach ultrabooks, laptops and mainstream PCs. The U Series of the new chips will be the most frugal ones, meant for ultrabooks, but those will get Intel HD, HD Graphics 4600 or HD Graphics 5000. Meanwhile, the powerful rigs will get Iris graphics. At least the HD 4000 graphics present on some Intel Core tablets right now will get bumped up to the 5000 or 4600 version.

Power consumption will drop to just 15W, after being 17W over the past years. The Iris Pro graphics version will be the most powerful one. The 65W TDP 4th gen chips will offer twice the performance of the 77W TDP 3rd gen chips. New GPUs support OpenGL 4, DirectX 11.1, OpenCL 1.2 and get enhanced 4K video support.