With great power comes great… need for cooling apparently. Cooling module demand for tablets is increasing in 2013, as the average power consumption of ARM slates has increased a lot lately.


Power consumption has gone up from 3W in the past to 6-7W right now and heat pipes are needed to check the temperatures in check. Products with over 7W of consumption need the heat pipes, or their functioning will be hampered. It’s not exactly the same system as your average fan, since the idea here is heat dissipation. Most tablets rely on graphite or copper foil for heat dissipation, but the costs are high for those.

Some cooling module makers have resorted to 0.6 mm ultrathin heat pipes, that can serve the same purposes, but with a lower cost. Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean vendors are adopting those for future slates, that will be released in the second half of 2013 and 2014.