Intel continues getting closer and closer to Android, by announcing a Reference Design for Android tablets. That happened during IDF 2014, highlighting Google’s attempt to expand even more into the world of mobile and slates.


Basically, Intel will offer a reference platform for Android development to the ones who need it. This means that instead of having to find a radio, digitizer and other parts that support Android, devs and modders can just pick up Intel pieces that are already tested for compatibility. Intel claims it will offer Android updates within two weeks of Google making new releases available.

They claim they will provide a single binary image for Android and within it, the ODM and OEMs will be able to choose from a prequalified set of components, or even a complete BOM specification. Intel and Google have been working closely to create this reference design and the chipmaker even got a list of parts from Google that will be compatible with future versions of Android, so they know a lot about the platform’s future.