Intel announced yesterday that it was entering a special strategic partnership with known Chinese brand Rockchip, one of the up and coming CPU makers. Their solutions have been included in many slates and recently they’ve released an 8 core product of their own.


The target for Intel here are the affordable Android tablets and under the terms of the agreement, the two companies are supposed to deliver an Intel-branded mobile SoC platform. This new platform will be a quad core one based on an Intel Atom CPU and sporting Intel’s 3G modem technology. This will be part of the Intel SoFIA integrated mobile SoC platform family, that will debut in a quad core 3G version in 2015.

Min Li, Rockchip CEO seems thrilled with the partnership, claiming it’s a new way to diversify the company’s portofolio. The Intel SoFIA family is made up of 3 product types, including a dual core 3G setup, a quad core 3G one and one with LTE. This can’t be good news for the likes of MediaTek or Allwinner, two of Rockchip’s major rivals locally, who don’t have a big brand by their side like this.