Intel is working closely with 10 undisclosed Chinese and global vendors to create Windows 8 tablets with the Intel chips inside. The info comes from a company official, that recommends us to wait for a lot of Intel-based tablets by the end of the year. The official is Intel China chairman Sean Maloney, so he surely knows what he’s talking about.

Maloney made these mentions during the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, just as the Medfield CPU gets ready to take over the mobile market, or something like it. This CPU is in fact the Atom Z2460 and it’s built specifically for phones and tablets, promising to provide high computing performance and long battery life. Lenovo’s K800 handset will debut the Medfield processor, going on sale in China at the end of May. Intel has another chip in the works, codenamed Clover Trail and created for tablets. This one features a 1.8 GHz CPU, or so says a slide shown during Maloney’s speech.

Intel is more of a chip maker for PCs, but it wants to expand to tablets and phones and working with 10 OEMs is surely going to help. From what I know, the likes of Toshiba, Lenovo and Dell will be the first to launch Win 8 tablets as soon as the OS debuts. It will also be extremely interesting to see what processor the first Nokia tablet adopts… but that will most likely be an Intel one.