Since there are wooden phones out there, or at least ones with a customized wooden back (Motorola Moto X units), why not also have wooden tablets? Such a model is the Alpentab, coming from Europe, with Windows on board. The Alpentab is hand made using walnut and oak.


Alpenelectronics is behind it and this is an Austrian company, that is taking local wood and crafting cases for a Windows 10 inch tablet. They had a product on showcase at IFA 2014 in Berlin and you can check it out below. This model will get a Core i5 edition in the future, aside from the Atom Z3000 series shown at the IFA event. Alpentab is also preparing a special edition of the slate, with a wooden keyboard and wooden mouse.

You will be paying upwards of 4000 euros for this model and even the basic version costs 800 euros. The slate doesn’t look bad at all, although it seems on the bulky side a bit. I’m not sure how wood reacts to high temperatures or humidity, but still one can’t deny the Alpentab is elegant.