I admit I haven’t thought about this before, but apparently some folks have, so here we have it: drunk testing Windows 8. The people at Three Sheets Market Research are behind this, deciding to allow a woman under the influence to play with Windows 8 for the very first time.

Win 8 is actually tough for consumers who are sober, let alone intoxicated. Feeding tequila to a very active computer user, so active she described herself as a cyborg, they observed how she behaves and performs mundane tasks with the new OS. The result were kind of… odd, like the woman’s behaviour. Jennifer found it hard to find the picture of a “cute dog” on her hard drive and frequently banged her keyboard escape key, trying to get back to the start menu.

She lingered a while in the email area, not figuring out how to exit the app. Also, it took a while to get to the desktop mode, but once she did, she immediately found the picture of the dog. Also, she burst into laughter when asked how she can get on the Internet, also criticizing Bing and IE in her drunken manner. So, Windows 8? Not so good when you’re drunk…

  • Davey

    Well that was an inventive way to completely bag Windows 8.

  • Ivan Radev

    Chill out dude-Davey its just a funny article
    you guys apple -windows- android really take everything with rifle and knife

    get a life

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  • While I got a few laughs out of this, these kinds of videos are so misleading to the general population. Of course it’s hard to use win8 the FIRST time, even more if you’re drunk. Tell you what, somebody gives you the main 3 pointers to this new generation and suddenly you no longer feel lost in the woods – it just clicks:

    1) Think of your PC as a powerful Smartphone. Everything is an app. Your desktop is now one more app, with the exception that it can contain many other classic-style programs.

    2) Like a Smartphone, you never have to close anything – the system takes care of that for you. If you want to exit the app you’re in, just click the Windows button on your keyboard (same behavior as a Home button on a Smartphone).

    3) When using a mouse, screen corners allow funtions: the top left corner will show you the apps that are open for you to switch to them rapidly. The bottom left corner will show you the Start screen (you can click there instead of hitting the Windows key on your keyboard). The right top and bottom corners reveal a bar with futher options.

    One somebody knows those 3 initial pointers, people do not have any problem with Windows 8 at all. It’s not that hard… actually, it’s incredibly easy and simple.

  • Steve Roberts

    Appears to have a look …..Highly intelligent, so to speak :), nice tat BTW.

  • awesome advise! This should be the 1st message everyone reads when they power on windows 8 ^_^.