A recent report from IDC discusses one of the potential reasons why PCs are starting to sell less units than tablets. Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch was supposed to be a big deal and a way to enter the post PC era. Well, IDC claims that Win 8 actually made PCs less appealing.


Their numbers show that PC shipments from Q1 2013 registered the steepest decline ever in a single quarter. Only 76.3 million PCs were shipped, signifying a decline of 13.9% compared to Q1 2012. IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell says that Windows 8 is to blame for the decline in PC shipments and maybe the ascension of tablets in the meantime.

The reasons why matters are so confusing and a new software product is pulling down hardware products are clear: the removal of the Start button, the basically useless desktop mode, the huge money invested in marketing, that are surely hurting Microsoft, the huge prices of Windows 8 PCs and tablets and confusing Microsoft strategy with Win RT and Win 8. Is there any room for PCs to recover?

  • G Lowe

    The desktop sales model is outdated. It use to be that one needed a new computer every 18-24 months just so the latest software could run well. Now days, a 3-5 year old computer will be able to run Windows 7 just fine and do most all of what a person needs to do. So, why buy a new one? And many times, for those that use graphic intensive software, an upgrade on the GPU will suffice. On the other hand, mobile devices are relatively new and, compared to the old desktop model, quite exciting. I do wonder why Microsoft is so willing to turn it’s back on a big money maker for them, that is, the enterprise sector. This new desktop is bad, and it sounds as though they are going to make it even worse.

  • Chandra prabu

    The Photo of Ballmer is a good selection…I can’t stop my laugh…:)