When it comes to the devices it sells, Google is not among the manufacturers that chooses to bundle all sorts of accessories with its devices. The main reason for this type of approach is to keep the Nexus devices price as low as possible so that everyone can afford to purchase one such smartphone or tablet.


Look inside the Nexus 4 box and apart from the charger and cable you will not find any other accessories. With the Nexus 10 and the other devices in the same line it is about the same, with Google deciding to provide most of the accessories either as a separate purchase or through the device manufacturer. Thus on the Play Store you will find the original bumper case and handset for the Nexus 4.

The Samsung manufactured Nexus 10 tablet is Google’s most expensive device and also one of the best offers on the market. The device offering a pure Android experience now has a very well designed flip cover available as a purchase on the Play Store. It is offered for the price of $29.99 and comes in two striking colors that will make it feel special – dark grey or scarlet. The cover also provides the sleep / wake-up function for the tablet.