Microsoft was also present in Taipei for some Computex 2018 action and they brought there a new category of devices, known as Windows Collaboration Displays. These are large and interactive screens meant for conference rooms.

They are obviously compatible with Microsoft 365 solutions, like Office, Teams, Whiteboard, at a bigger scale. These new devices will feature built in sensors, which can connect to Azure IoT Spatial Intelligence Capabilities. These will offer improved heating and cooling management, room booking systems and more. Sharp and Avocor have already announced their OEM contribution to the project.

The system will use room measurements to build adaptive models. Imagine an office environment space, where you can manage everything, from the way space is being used, to heating, cooling, seating, booking of rooms and more. The screens will offer touchscreen input, pen input, stereo speakers, plus they’ll include a camera and far field microphone system.

We don’t have a price yet, but it’s probably going to be lower than the $9000 Surface Hub.