The Harman Kardon acoustics-totting Huawei MediaPad M3 tablet has just received a serious price cut on Amazon. The device was priced at $300, last I heard and now it gets a $60 discount, going for $239. This is an 8.4 incher with 32 GB of storage and a set of dual speakers with excellent acoustics.


We already reviewed the slate and liked its acoustics, that went way above 100 decibels in strength and even the cameras on board are solid. Both the main cam and the selfie shooter are solid. The design is elegant and the slate has a metallic design, that’s well built and nice looking. The fingerprint scanner is fast, albeit the Home button and its swipe motions are a bit confusing.

There are some strange aspects here, like the lack of USB Type C port, the battery could be more generous and the screen brighter. Still, the Quad HD screen and the same CPU as the Mate 8 (Kirin 950) make an excellent team for gamers and this device is pretty future proof, with 4 GB of RAM and all these on board. Keep in mind that this is the WiFi version we’re talking about in this deal.

You can get it here.

  • Ylletroja

    The reality is that the CPU is okay for a 1080p screen, not so much for a 2560x screen. That’s a major problem with this tablet, i wish they would have kept it at 1080p. As it is now there are several reports stating that it is slighly slow in general use.