The Australian tablet market, just like the global tablet isn’t doing so dandy. It has just experienced the 5th consecutive quarter of market decline and also Android overtook iOS locally. The tablet fell by 17.4% from last year and more details, revealed by IDC are below.


The IDC (International Data Corporation) study shows that a total of 640k tablets have been shipped into Australia in the third quarter of the current year. The regular tablets stood for 75% of all shipments and they fell by 27.9%, while the remaining detachables grew by 50% year on year. Traditional vendors like Apple or Samsung tried to capitalize on the ascension of detachables, launching similar models.

Detachables registered a triple digit growth of 124.2% in the commercial segment, compared to the year before. This trend will continue into the next year, according to Aussie sources. The average selling point of the regular slates dropped from AU $517 to AU $433 in Q3, making the products more appealing. Lower priced slates will appeal more to customers, who really don’t get the higher priced ones.

While Android and iOS models dropped in sales, the Windows ones grew a rate of 10.7% on year. Apple leads the pack, with a 39.3% market share in Q3 2016, compared to the 53.1% in the second quarter. The iPad Air 2 range remains popular and the iPad Pro models are also doing fine. Samsung is second, with 30.4% share.