We’ve been hearing about Huawei’s first foldable phone for a while now, but we didn’t also expect it to be their first 5G phone. Turns out it will, since the company just confirmed this. Huawei confirmed that its foldable handset will also be its first 5G phone.

It’s going to be a 2019 device, of course, as mentioned by the Huawei chairman Ken Hu during the World Economic Forum. We previously knew that Huawei decided to postpone its foldable phone till 2019, after a bunch of teasers for a 2018 release. Samsung seems to have the upper hand, since it promised to unveil details about its first foldable phone in November.

Huawei also teased a foldable during IFA 2018 earlier this month, promising its device will replace computers basically. 5G phones should appear in the second half of 2019, as partial 4G rollout starts then in the big cities all over the world. 2020 will bring the mainstream 5G rollout. The technology requires more battery life and different antenna arrays.

Motorola already has a phone out with 5G, the Moto Z3, but it requires a Verizon Moto Mod module attached for that. It’s not very clear if Samsung’s foldable phone also has 5G or not, but we’ll learn more in November.