Since LG and Samsung have started posting teasers of their products that will be unveiled at MWC, HP went the same way and teased its upcoming products. We remind you that there’s a webOS-related event scheduled for February 9 and the short teaser below is supposed to give you a glimpse into the future.

You can see the sides of the HP Palm webOS tablet rendered, but this doesn’t really mean much to us. We guess that it could be the Topaz or the Opal slate that the teaser is referring to. Leaks point toward a multiple screen size device, with at least a 1GHz CPU at the inside, maybe dual core material.

A camera will certainly be included at the back, accompanied by a frontal one for videocalls. WebOS will be scaled for the larger screen and the HP slate will possibly use cloud solutions, with enterprise and printing features. Whatever HP Palm launch, it’ll be shipping in a couple of weeks so the wait will be over soon.