You might be aware of the fact that the HP TouchPad tablet was received with bad reviews from important sites such as CNET, Gizmodo or Engadget. This is very much the same thing that happened to the BlackBerry PlayBook, although that’s a great product, that I tested myself. Back to the TouchPad, ex-Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein recently jumped to the defense of the product.

Rubinstein is now the head of the webOS segment at HP, after the latter bought Palm last year. He’s also responsible with a recent internal email that supports the TouchPad and webOS 3.0 inside the company, urging everyone to keep faith in the HP products. Well, this internal mail story sounds familiar since RIM has been dealing with those a lot recently and they don’t quite have the same optimistic tone.

Rubinstein compares webOS 3.0 with the reception of Mac OS X, that was criticized for being sluggish and for its lack of apps at first. The HP official also outlines the potential of the platform, saying that it promises to achieve greatness and that its issues will be solved via over the air updates and app catalog updates.