HP is possibly the most undecided company ever, since they’ve been going back and forth on their decision to give up the TouchPad and the entire PC business for that matter. Now, after the10 inch TouchPad WebOS tablet seems history, here we are with a 7 inch model, so one can’t help but ask… WTF HP?!

This 7 inch unit is called the TouchPad Go and it’s powered by WebOS, but there’s something you must know: this product will never make it to the market. Back in August HP decided to give up on WebOS and they’re still going that way, so sorry guys. What you see here is a product that could have been mildly popular, if it would have been priced right.

The pics come from Chinese website Palm Joy and this looks like a 4:3 aspect ratio device, looking very much like the 10 inch brethren, maybe a bit thinner. The Home button is on the long side now and this model is 3G capable and supports a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. All of these are irrelevant, considering we’ll never see the product on the market.

Keep in mind that HP has left over units of the TouchPad Go, around 100k units to be more precise. Will they do another fire sale of the 1.5GHz Snapdragon slate, with 32GB of memory, 5MP back camera and NFC?