After announcing the July 1st launch date of the TouchPad tablet, HP now shows us a couple of promo clips for the upcoming product. Also, we get to know some of the prices for the webOS tablet accessories. There’s also a drawback to mention, the fact that the slate won’t support swipe gestures outside of the display area like the BlackBerry PlayBook.

We remind you that back in February this model was supposed to support this sort of gestures, but the function is now somehow gone. As far as the accessories are concerned, you’ll pay $29.99 for the wall charger, $49.99 for the carrying case and $69.99 for a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with low profile keys.

The Touchstone charging dock will cost $79.99, so it’s going to be quite pricey if you want to accessorize. Here’s a bunch of promo vids for the TouchPad: