HP’s TouchPad and Palm devices are now a thing of the past, but webOS is still alive and kicking, in spite of not actually having devices to run on. Open webOS, that’s the new name of the platform entered beta phase in August and a month later, now, the final stable build is ready for consumption, in version 1.0, that’s shown in action below.

This version provides some opportunities for developers and new capabilities. The team claims that over 75 Open webOS components have been delivered over the past 9 months, for a total of over 450,000 lines of code. This means that Open WebOS can be ported to new devices, thanks to 1.0 release from today. In the video below we see webOS architect Steve Winston doing a demo of the operating system on a HP TouchSmart all in one PC. He says that it took the team only “a couple of days” to port Open WebOS to the PC present in front of him.

The UI isn’t very smooth, but this is version 1.0 after all… Winston imagines various uses for this platform, like kiosk applications in hotels and apparently the OS is made to work on both phones and tablets, plus PCs, so it could become a future all in one solution for kiosk or customer service platforms.