There are two sources that constantly leak details about upcoming iPads and iPhones: case makers and component makers. The latter are usually more spot on with the info, while the former may get it wrong sometimes. This time it’s Gumdrop, a case maker for iPads saying that the new slate is coming earlier than expected.


Gumdrop’s CEO, Tim Hickman has said that we should expect an iPad 5 release at, or soon after next week’s WWDC 2013. By the way, this company is already making an iPad case based on the rumors saying it will have smaller bezels and a differently placed microphone, integrated at the back. Gumdrop makes rugged cases among others and they say that their products will be available on June 10th.

To me this sounds like cashing in on some free publicity by claiming you have info you don’t actually have. If they did and showed it, Apple would put them out of business and if they don’t and say they do, they lose credibility. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but Gumdrop got it wrong before, making iPhone 5 cases in 2011, as the iPhone 4S was launched. They based those cases on rumors as well…