The GPD XD+, which was leaked in a nifty hands on video last month has finally gone on preorder. This device feels like a combo of an NVIDIA Shield and a Nintendo DS and can be described as a portable Android console, but it’s also sort of a tablet. It’s priced at around $210-$230 on both GeekBuying and

Running on a MediaTek MT8176 processor, the handheld is based on Android 7.0 Nougat software and it also brings 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 5 inch HD display. It adopts a clamshell design and having played with its predecessor, the GPD XD, I have to say it’s more comfy than it looks. Unlike the DS, this device only has a singular display and it also brings a generous set of gaming controls, including a D Pad, action buttons, two analog sticks and more.

The amount of RAM has doubled from the GPD XD and aside from running Android and getting the apps from the Play Store, there are also console emulators on board, courtesy of RetroArch. The device is promoted with 64 GB of storage on some retailers, so there’s quite a bit of room for games here. It weighs a hefty 310 grams and also has a micro HDMI port and microSD.

There’s Bluetooth 4.1 as well, plus WiFi dual band. Emulation applies to PlayStation 1 games, plus NES and GameBoy titles.