Late last year news about a so called “Project Marzipan” appeared online, talking about a way to make iOS apps run on the Mac in 2018. Apple reportedly had plans to bring iPhone and iPad apps to the iMac and MacBook. Now the idea has returned, with more details.

MacOS is about to get the ability to run iPad apps, which seems like a reply for Google’s decision to let Android apps run on Chromebooks. Last we heard Apple had plans to include more features on iOS than it actually did last year, some of them postponed for iOS 12. One day we’ll see a unified Mac OS and iOS, but we’re not there yet. 2018 is said to bring us a boosted security on macOS and improvements in the system waking and unlock.

Aside from pushing for performance and security, Apple also wants to boost the Mac software with iPad apps. This means that a huge number of games and applications will hit the MacBooks and Mac desktops, making them even more appealing. It also paves the way for a 2 in 1 hybrid, that combines an iPad and Apple MacBook. The problem is that the Mac and MacBook don’t have the same input means as an iPad, so some of the applications won’t be as easy to handle or control.

There’s also the question of resolution, which doesn’t easily line up from the iPad to the MacBook. Hopefully you won’t have to pay for the same game twice…