We’ve written about GPD a bunch of times, since it makes portable Windows-based consoles and tablets. They have the GPD Win series, GPD Pocket series and the MicroPC lineup of handhelds. Now they’re preparing a device that’s very similar to the Nintendo Switch.

These images were posted on a Chinese forum by a source and seem to show a smaller tablet with side joysticks, much like the Nintendo Joy cons. They are detachable and able to slide into slots on the sides of the device. The GPD CEO also posted an image of the prototype of the device earlier this year, so we’re pretty familiar with the product.

The side controllers feature a directional pad, analog sticks and action buttons: X, Y, A and B. There’s also a set of Start and Select buttons. Shoulder buttons are also available on both the controllers and the tablet. Honestly, the device feels smaller than a tablet and closer to a smartphone, while the attachments feel a bit flimsier than the Joy Cons, which really hang into place.

Sadly, the product is only pictured with the screen off, so we have no idea regarding the OS it runs. Android is a good bet, considering the format. Considering the Nintendo lookalike, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an emulator on board.